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About Our SCM

The proposed Sanrakshan Center for Medicare (SCM) 30-bed General Hospital Project is a philanthropic initiative of Shanti Nandan Bauddha Welfare Society that aspires to help the underprivileged section of the society to avail quality health services at affordable cost.

“Expenditure on health is also substantive for rural households in the district. A fairly high 14 per cent of the total household expenditure is incurred on the treatment of household members. This expenditure is comparatively much higher among rural households. The burden of expenditure on health can partly be eased for the households, by making better provision of basic health facilities, and thus, reduce dependence of households on private services”.

This intervention will also be an attempt to satisfy the concern over spending on health care in villages of Mungra Badshahpur Block Jaunpur district.

News Updates

Free Medical Camp

JR K Hospital and Rajendra Medical Store Meerganj Jaunpur organized a Free Health Check-up Camp at Kodahu Mungra Badshapur, Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Shanti Nandan Bauddha Welfare Society

Hospital Facilities

The hospital seeks to provide basic health facilities such as, General Medicine, Dental, Eye, Physiotherapy & Orthopedics, Common Laboratory Tests, Pain Management, and support services. The hospital is projected to serve roughly about 3,200 out-patients and 500 in-patients annually. The hospital is aimed at serving the need of the community and will be run on a not-for-profit basis.

Round the Clock Ambulance

Our ambulance services provide timely and quality pre-hospital emergency care for the seriously ill and injured patients. In addition, our ambulance services also cater to patients who need to be shifted to other places on a non-emergency basis. Our ambulance services extend all over the Jaunpur District.

The ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipments like cardiac monitors, defibrillator, and airway equipment. Oxygen cylinders, life saving drugs, facilities for suctioning is also available. Transport ventilator is available for transport of intubated and ventilated patients.

A complete Medicare for you

My favorite quote of the night was "Pay for the cure not the pill" by Dr. Mault.

The biggest problem with our healthcare system is how we incentivize doctors and hospitals. They only make money when people are sick, visit them, and use their services. If the goal is really to make and keep people healthy, shouldn't physicians be paid to keep us away?

Shifting from a fee for service model to a results based healthcare system is clearly the answer. The new Value based model is based on accountability and payment will be received based on positive outcomes.

Specialized Doctors available

Full time resident Specialized Doctors team with General Physician, Eye Surgeon & Physiotherapist etc. is available at Sanrakshan Center for Medicare for relevant treatment.

Our hospital's team of doctors and staff are highly trained and experienced professionals, ready to assist you and your patient whenever a health problem arises. Additionally, our team of doctors work together on a daily basis to ensure that every patient under our care receives the most thorough and up-to-date care possible. As you will see in our team section, our staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, but, above all, a love of humanity and a desire to provide the very best care for them.

Get well soon with our treatment

Pain takes away your energy and your joy in life. If you've tried everything and it still hurts, pain can make you feel hopeless. But for people throughout the Jaunpur District, there is hope for pain relief.

As an SCM patient, you have a team of devoted and compassionate doctors and other specialists guiding you through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery - and who are all experts in your exact disease.

At Complete Healthcare, we never give up on helping our patients find the relief they need.