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About Us

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Vision and mission of the hospital

It will provide reasonable, affordable and comprehensive services to cover all the health care needs of the patients and provide preventive and curative outpatient services and primary health care for free to the poor families as part of its mission to give equal access to quality health care for all.

And now, due to the current economic challenges, we wants to help in these difficult times by offering a low-cost self-pay option for Urgent Care visits.

Our Solution

The department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various diseases. It serves as the first point of contact whenever a patient visits the hospital. A general physician conducts a physical examination of the patient and then recommends the necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. The results of these tests, the general physical examination and symptoms are then correlated to arrive at a final diagnosis.
The Department is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and has an extremely eminent faculty. The Department has been a pioneer in the field of phacoemulsification carrying out sutureless cataract surgery. The Department has state of the art equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The department aims the best quality of eye care by aiming at zero refractive error after cataract surgery. The recent innovations in IOLs are being implanted regularly.
This is a specialty department that caters to ailments associated with Ear, Nose and Throat like Adeno-tonsillitis, sinusitis, nasal septum deviation, ear infections, allergy, headache etc. Treatment of these routine problems acquires a new dimension at the department through the availability of the latest world-class equipment, which gives a better outcome for overall patient healthcare management. The department offers a full range of ENT services with a very high standard. The aim is to make the best ENT care accessible and affordable to people.
Physiotherapy is a health care profession that provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. Strength and balance is improved by exercising on various pneumatically controlled exercise stations and computerized balance trainers. A team of experienced physiotherapists at the Hospital will help you to regain your independence thus rebuilding your self-esteem and positive attitude.

Our Expertise

Patient Satisfaction
80% Complete (success)
Operational excellence
80% Complete (success)
Laboratory Services
70% Complete (success)
Pharmacy Services
95% Complete (success)

Our Team

Dr. Vandna Singh


Dr. Saurabh Singh

General Surgery

Dr. Subhash V.


Dr. Neetu Maurya


Dr. C B Maurya


Rahul Yadav

Lab Technician